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The Key to Becoming YOU is GRACE: The Art of Self-Care

Becoming YOU is a process! Give yourself some GRACE! Becoming a more loving and self-confident person takes nurturing from the inside out. That means taking time for yourself to rejuvenate, reset, and restore your well-being. Whether you’re feeling burnt out or disconnected from your true self, the answer isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem. Self care is just one of the many topics we’ll focus on in this series about cultivating grace as a person. Self care is essential to living a happy and balanced life. In fact, studies show that people who make self-care a priority are happier and healthier than those who don’t prioritize it. This article will introduce you to what self care is, tips on how to start practicing self care daily, and how practicing self care can help you become the best version of yourself. What is Self Care? Self care is any activity or practice that has the primary goal of caring for and nurturing yourself. When people think about self care, they often think about
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ANYWAYZZZ...Back to Cricket!! #in_REAlyfe

Apart from motorsports and fashion, youth development is near and dear to my heart. Most people would know that one of the things that I say instead of the popular dismissive  phrases  used to change topics like  'Whatever', 'Moving Right Along'  is 'Anywayzzz...Back to Cricket' and never understood why I said it so often! ...lemme show you the pitch! Let's rewind to last year around this time when I told my mom that I would LOVE to meet the first woman from Antigua and Barbuda to be selected to play on the West Indies Women's Team.  Sidebar : My Mom is the first woman to score a century in soft ball cricket while playing for the Liberta Bank of Antigua Trentbridge Cricket Team. *flicks hair             It so happened that on the night of the Women of Wadadli [WOW] Awards Banquet on International Woman's Day 2020, my wish came true! Of course...Mom was my +1!!!  Miss Cricketer was seated at my table and we both were awarded that this banquet. I was

The name is VENUE...Hyundai VENUE

If you're looking for a smart, yet affordable, SUV that checks all the top ABC boxes for purchasing a vehicle, The Hyundai VENUE is the #MUCHEEN for you! 2020 Hyundai Venue A gile   B eautiful C OMFORTABLE  D ependable E conomical  F uel Efficient   ...and so on and so forth! Apart from being boasting a sh*t load of safety features, this chiseled beauty is a dream to drive and is perfect for millennials! PERFORMANCE Let's  dive  DRIVE right into the review shall we? Put your seatbelts on for this very short run!  After all...SAFETY FIRST!  So wah really ah gwarn under this hood yah? Well, lemme break it down for you as much as I possibly can. <<If in doubt, just click pon the hyperlink dem...You're most welcome!>>  This pocket rocket is powered by the following: 1.6 Liter 4-cylinder Engine 121 HP @ 113 lb/ft Torque 16 Valve DOHC (Double Overhead Cams) Three Drive Modes: Normal, Sport, Snow (in our case,

How well do you know your car. The LadyMex Workshop Experience

Most of us drive from time to time and have NO CLUE how the vehicle works. This is where the LHF Motorsports powered LadyMex Workshop is able to meet the demand of women who are eager to learn the fundamentals about how their vehicle operate! So what is the LadyMex Workshop? The LadyMex (Lady Mechanics) Workshop is an interactive and fun way to learn all about your car, how to talk to mechanics and what to do in the event of an emergency. We provide a safe space for women to:      •  ask any questions they may have about their car,     •  release the shame of being an uneducated car owner and gain empowerment,      •  educate women to become more confident and safe drivers. So what was discussed at this workshop? The following topics are on the agenda to be discussed:    •  The Owner’s Manual   •  Engine oil   •  Tires and wheels   •   Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid and Transmission Fluid    •  Washer Fluid and Engine Coolant   •